New Patients

Our new patient examination contains:

  • 45 minute appointment
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Gum disease screening
  • Tailored advice on dental health and diet
  • A full treatment plan and discussion with the Dentist on your needs and wants
  • Digital x-rays are £10 each if needed
  • A free follow up appointment to discuss any queries you have with your treatment plan

Parking: The surgery is located in a residential area and parking is available

All for £75 £60 *Offer available until the end of 2023
For returning patients examinations are £55
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New Patient
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First Appointment

If you are a nervous patient or have not been to a dentist in years, you are not alone. Our experienced team are always here to help. If you are very nervous you are always welcome to call and organise to meet the Dentist in the waiting room free of charge. We want our patients to feel confident and calm and we have helped many patients over the years to improve their phobias and give them the smile they deserve.

First Appointment

Our focus is on preventative dentistry and we want to work with you to minimise dental disease so that you retain your natural teeth for life.

Prior to your first visit you will be sent an information pack about our services. On your arrival, our staff will help you complete a form which covers some basic details, including your medical and dental history.

Your dentist will then conduct an initial consultation, often supplemented with dental X-rays, to determine how healthy your mouth is.

Our Comprehensive Exam
Our Comprehensive Exam

This is a comprehensive examination and assessment, which includes the following:

  • Your teeth will be checked for decay and wear.
  • We check your gums for bleeding and ‘pocketing’.
  • Your other oral soft tissues are checked for abnormalities such as ulcers and lumps.
  • We check your bite for wear and adequate function.
  • The dentist may take X-rays to view areas that cannot be seen clinically.
  • If you have a specific problem, we may need to undertake other tests.
Smile Like You Mean It!
Smile Like You Mean It

The dentist will then discuss any concerns you have about your oral health, including cosmetic issues such as how you feel about your smile.

With all this information, the dentist will then decide if any treatment is necessary and, if so, discuss the options with you. This will include a full explanation of what is involved, how long it will take and how much it will cost as well as what the expected outcomes are. You will always be given a written treatment plan and be asked to sign it before any treatment commences.

Please call us for further details, an information pack and an appointment.

Learning about you

With our long new patient appointments we use this time to get to know more about you and your lifestyle, your wants and needs.

Digital X-rays

We take digital x-rays when needed to give us a full picture of your teeth and the surrounding structures. This gives us an enhanced knowledge of your oral health; we always discuss your x-rays with you to help with your understanding of the possible treatments you may need.

Examination of Teeth

We shall carry out a thorough assessment of your teeth, including existing restorations.

Gum Health

On the first examination we shall assess your gum health and whether or not it would be recommended that you see our Hygienist. Upon seeing our Hygienist, she will give you the best advice and treatment to suit your specific needs.

External and Internal Soft Tissue Examination

Externally, we assess the glands and lymph nodes surrounding your neck from your collar bone up. Internally we check your tongue, palate, floor of the mouth, cheeks to check for any abnormalities.

Jaw Joint

Many people clench or grind their teeth, usually without even being aware of it. It can cause migraines, headaches and muscle tenderness or pain. We will assess your jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles to assess this and give your advice and treatments to ease these issues.


The mouth is the mirror to your body and there is a link between oral health and general health. We want to give you advice tailored to you on how you can better your oral and overall health as we like to take a holistic approach to your care.

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